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The Maiden Edition of the Executive Meeting is on-going at the President's residence.

Watch-out for detailed report...


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Provision of 40 tables and chairs with capacity of 80 students by 1991 stanza.
Recruitment of three teachers by 1992 stanza, one of the teacher was recruited by Hon. Ibraheem Abdullahi for 1992 stanza.

Another 4-classroom block under construction is at the roofing stage.
Provision of Seats for the students.
Provision of Chemicals for the laboratory.
Provision of Sports Equipment.
Maintenance of the School Bus.
Provision of Borehole water supply.
Building of Classrooms for students.
Recruitment of teachers to teach core subjects like English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics and Government to compliment the effort of Government of the state.
Construction of a Sick Bay and supplied with drugs and dressings to take care of the health of students and staff.