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The Maiden Edition of the Executive Meeting is on-going at the President's residence.

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Circumstances Behind the Founding of the School

Iwo Grammar School was founded as a Community co-education secondary school at the then vacant Oke-Afo District Council school on monday march 2, 1964 with 30 students comprising of 18 boys and 12 girls including 1 founding principal and 1 class teacher.

The reasons for this establishment were a reaction to the Baptist Mission owner of Baptist College that insisted on actual conversion to christianity before one could gain admission into their college.

Secondly, the failure of the activities of the various progressive union in the town to sustain the first indigenous High school the Iwo Boys High School which was handed over to Baptist Mission which promptly changed its name to Baptist High school.

Thirdly, the opening of Iwo Grammar School was in response to the desire of the elites to have their children educated under a neutral religious educational system and as a result of this, IGS then received its popular patronage because it was the only school in town that was not associated with any particular religion which it has kept up till today.

The present site of the school was formerly occupied by the Local Authority Teacher Training College (LATTCO) which was closed down at the end of 1964 because it was not ungraded. Iwo Grammar School moved from Oke-Afo to the vacant College premises on January 22, 1965 with 95 students (53 boys and 42 girls).